1770 to Carnarvon Gorge part 1
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This is the first part of the run my wife and I did back in May 08.We went from Brisbane to 1770, and then ran below the Dawson highway inland to Carnarvon Gorge, some 1000 km off the black top. This section is from Deep water Bend, just outside of 1770, to Cania Gorge.We tried to be off the beaten track as much as possible, well as much as you can within 6hrs of Brisbane, so even leaving the coast we didn’t go the direct route. As you can see we went from deep water bend, via Lowmead and Monduran, to come out just north of Gin Gin. Headed north and left the Bruce Highway onto Kintaka Road, about 38k’s from Gin Gin. We travelled through the state forest to Kalpowar (Duelling banjo’s territory) and then through cattle pastures, as we ziged and zaged on and off the Gladstone to Monto road. Drove through a lot of front yards as the property’s along this stretch of dirt road envelope the road as their own cattle yards. Lots of gates to open and close J. Hit the main road at Moonford and headed up to Cania Gorge. We stoped in at the first camping grounds and had a look around, then went further into the Gorge to check out the Big4 site. Found the big4 to be more family orientated, since it was just be and the Mrs we decided on the first grounds.Was set up and still had enough time to cook some bread to go with dinner with out being to late. Days distance 238 km’sI will slowly add the other sections over time J
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
44411 must do Mitsubishi Triton Nov 17, 2013
13189 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Oct 3, 2010