42 Mile Crossing
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Known as 42 Mile Crossing as it lies 42 miles north along the Princess highway from Kingston SE and provides access to the ocean beach of the Coorong National Park allowing beach driving all the way NW to Godfrey\'s Landing.

The Great Ocean offers some awesome surf fishing and campsites are set amongst the sand dunes. When we visited it was like a forest of fishing rods for kilometres along the beach. There are no fishing licenses required in SA as in Victoria so I think this attracts more people to fish.

Given the vehicle traffic the beach is in excellent condition. It pays to stick to the beach track as the last thing anyone wants is to see a 4x4 being consumed at high tide...For the Bird watchers there are plenty of species here to keep you ammused and there is also lots of native flora for the avid photographers amongst us.

For all the info you need and pdf map and brochures visit http://www.environment.sa.gov.au/parks/sanpr/coorong/information.html




I ran my tyres at 28 to 30 psi as I had walked the sand track prior and found it was at the most only 7 to 8 inches deep before hard pack (OF COURSE ONCE ON THE BEACH THINGS CHANGE) if you head south the beach becomes quite loose and deep sand but if you head north the track is initialy hard packed shell and grit but does become deep and loose the further north you travel. An air compressor (NEW IN JAN 2010) is supplied at the SALT CREEK roadhouse and there is donation tin there to assist in its maintenance however there is no pressure gauge so ensure you have yours handy. Idealy have your own compressor and it would pay to drop in past the SALT CREEK roadhouse  to ensure it is still working and available to use prior to heading out to the beach as the nearest air could be as far as Meningie to nth and Kingston SE to the South.

Keep your revs as constant as possible and use high range as both will help prevent digging in, if you esp or traction control its better to utilise them than to get stuck...but if you do get stuck make sure you have shovel to dig yourself out.

Take plenty of food and water no matter how GOOD A FISHERMAN you think you are...LOL besides the further you head north along the beach the further you have to go back to get supplies.

Suggest the Policemens Point Bistro for a nice hot meal and cold beer...great value food and a good menu with a bar to boot.

Oh and stay out of the wet sand as this consume your car at random as some areas are hard packed wet and others are so wet under foot that your car with be stuck in no time...

If in doubt there is a walking track and as we did walk the sand road first and see what you think its better to be safe than sorry.

And do have some warm clothes as the wind from ocean can be very cold it was 19 degrees on the beach according the car thermometer and 26 in the car park back over the dunes.


Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
51557 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Jan 24, 2015
27016 A great track heading north. Found a great beach camp point for some fishing.Light to no traffic this time of year. A bit like the fishing! The driving was great with some precarious beach head routing. Easy going in the damp conditions. Toyota Prado Jul 13, 2013
7017 Awesome place. Good fun dune driving, but this is more of a destination rather than a drive through as it's basically in & out from the same cutting. great for an overnighter to wet a line, will definitely be back. http://youtu.be/SyG0bPYB2vs Nissan Patrol Jul 13, 2013
10075 had to pop it in low range to get up the first hill, didn't have a compressor so didnt drop the tires.. good fun though Holden Jackaroo Feb 9, 2013
30585 good track Toyota Landcruiser Dec 2, 2012
22688 You can have a lot of fun on this beach if you venture in and out of the tracks. I kept the tyres at 18psi. Make sure you study the tide charts so you can drive without fear. Lots of nice camping spots just off the beach, and everyone we spoke to raved about the fishing. Our lines were barely wet when we pulled out a nice size gummy shark just right for dinner. If you plan to camp, make sure to pack warm clothes, even on warm days. Mitsubishi Triton Feb 4, 2012
10972 Nice camp ground, but beware of bees. Track to campsite from beach, is pretty easy going, not much effort needed. Half way from tee tree crossing to 42mile is quite difficult and in some areas quite soft and if drop bellow 30 you will loose engine power and get bogged as seen this happen to many when out there, and esp if go of track. as really only one way, so usually someone has to brave the deep wet sand, did it once to avoide someone who was bogged, and it was very difficult to navigate your way back to the track with out getting bogged yourself. But lots of fun! highly recomend this track to tee tree. Suzuki Grand Vitara Jan 30, 2012
23255 Very nice camp grounds here with grass over the while area and two very clean long drop loos and also a shelter which is great for getting out of the weather. Plenty of wildlife for the kids in the early morning and late arvo. Especially good camp spot for large groups and kids. Can't wait to go back. Toyota Landcruiser Oct 4, 2011
4645 Good Fishing. Easy drive on the sand. Toyota Hilux Nov 8, 2010
12810 Toyota Landcruiser Feb 14, 2009
12810 Toyota Landcruiser Aug 24, 2007
10235 Camped in the campsite for a few days nice duringt the day but cold of the night time. Softest sand was on the drive from camp area to the beach had tyres at approx 22psi. Beach driving was good & drove the beach from 42 mile crossing south a came out just out of Kingston (almost the 42 miles)a pleasant drive. Called in on my way back from Robe May 2009 and the beach was completely different strong winds & high tides. Toyota Prado Apr 12, 2007
12810 Toyota Landcruiser Mar 4, 2004
12810 Been here many times and will always return everytime I am down that way. Excellent views and great camping grounds. Toyota Landcruiser Apr 10, 2003
12810 Toyota Landcruiser Jan 24, 2000
51674 Went down to 42 mile over easter for the weekend and it was awesome! didn't catch a thing tho but would defiantly go again and check out 28 mile, wreck crossing and tea tree crossing next time :) Toyota Hilux