Alexander Bay to Duke of Orleans
About the Track
Track Description

A fun and mildly challenging track that leads back from Alexander Bay along the coast to Duke of Orleans bay, from where you can continue to explore the various tracks through Cape LeGrande NP.

Caution should be payed when in the dune tracks closer to the beach. Some steep angle drifts make several sections difficult and appropriate tyre deflation is a must. Also, always check the summit of dune tracks as there are a few sharp turns on steep dune departures.

Midway along the track there is a fantastic river crossing with steep mud banks on entry and exit. There is also a shollow marsh river crossing which may require a little speed to maintain momentum.

Definitely NOT suitable for softroaders, depending on time of year. Winter is most wet and difficult.


Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
44211 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Jan 10, 2015
36944 What an awesome track and the not only does it go from alexander bay to the duke but you can start all the way back at kennedys and go to the duke. i intend to go even furthur back and start at poison creek n camp along the way back to the duke. Isuzu D Max Jan 30, 2013