Alice Springs to Finke along the Old Ghan Line
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Have not given a GPS reading for Alice Springs or Finke as if you need such information then my friend you are definitely geographically challenged.


From the Alice you head south down the Stuart Highway for 11 KM’s and turn left onto the OLD SOUTH ROAD and head south ignore any side tracks for 95 KM’s till you get to a junction at RODINGA ( ruins ). At this point you can decide to sidestep from what is now the OLD GHAN LINE and go and see CHAMBERS PILLAR, which is very worthwhile or continue on down the old Ghan Line.


To go and see CHAMBERS PILLAR, GPS 24 degrees 52’29” S,133 degrees 49’30” E , take the Right Fork and head towards MARYVALE  some 13 KM’s away . At Maryvale , just past the General Store TURN RIGHT , there will be a gate , leave it as you find it ! In fact there will be numerous gates along the track , the same applies for them, there is a sign stating what UHF channel to be on so as you can monitor any traffic that maybe in the area . MARYVALE to CHAMBERS PILLAR is a round trip of 90 KM’s.


On your return to MARYVALE check with the general store as to the Condition of the most direct track that will lead you back onto the OLD GHAN LINE. Hema shows 3 routes when in fact there is only one .


You are 125 KM’s north of FINKE, head south you cant miss it even if you wanted to !.


Whilst you are in the vicinity , its not spectacular , go and see LAMBERTS CENTRE , GPS 25 degrees , 36’ 36.4 “ S, 134 degrees 21’, 17.3 E , it is the geometrical centre of Australia, out on this desolate spot in Mallee type country stands the loneliest flagpole, a miniature of the one in Canberra .

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
11304 Easy until it rains Toyota Landcruiser May 11, 2013
14155 Fun track to drive, definitely beats the hwy! The Finke to Alice Race track is worth a play but the main attraction is learning about and following the Old Ghan line. The history is easy to appreciate thanks to the information boards at the old railway sidings. Toyota Hilux Sep 8, 2012
20662 LandRover Discovery Jul 22, 2011
3820 Toyota Landcruiser May 2, 2009
4849 Toyota Landcruiser