Amamoor Ridge
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Track Description
I did this track at night and got into some great inclines. Definately not recommended for wet drive. Most of the track is easy, but the difficult.....WooHoo
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
53371 Toyota Hilux Oct 26, 2014
46136 test track for GPS Toyota Hilux Feb 27, 2014
45071 Toyota Landcruiser Dec 24, 2013
38119 Great fun we took a late model hilux and a modded LN65 Hilux out just after some rain awesome fun!! the moisture made some of the bigger steeper hills almost impossible without diff locks and mud terrain tyres but got up after a few attempts would reccomend not going after rain unless you got good mud tyres Toyota Hilux Jun 22, 2013
31452 Toyota Landcruiser Sep 9, 2012
31452 Toyota Landcruiser Sep 9, 2012
5103 Bris - 2 hrs away Nissan Patrol Aug 28, 2010
5882 Some really nice steep hills. The whole area is full of great tracks , from easy to bloody steep. Toyota Hilux Feb 10, 2009
4107 Put the wrangler through its paces. Some challenging inclines and very greasy surfaces in some areas. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Oct 12, 2008