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The route starts and finishes near the Armidale Visitor Centre, where there is parking available for both solo vehicles and those towing trailers/caravans. There is also a supermarket (Coles and bottle shop) within walking distance, and 2 fuel stations (Shell has an airline) with the normal range of fuel available at the time of writing (November 2013), including 95, 98 and LPG.

The route is a loop for an overnight camp from Armidale; 3 campsite options (2 free in State Forest Campsites, 1 paid in National Parks)and a couple of accommodation options in NPWS accomodation (see NPWS website below for more information on "solid" accomodation)

The route follows the Waterfall Way out of Armidale to the turn off for Point Lookout (about 70km) then heads up to Point Lookout (past one of the State Forest Campsites and the National Park Campsite). From Point Lookout returns to Forest Way, a good maintained dirt road, which will take you down to the turn off for Wattle Flats. Wattle Flats is located next to the Styx river, and has a long drop toilet off to the left of the access road (as you enter Wattle Flat Campground)

The access road to Wattle Flat is quite steep, in dry weather passable in H2 with all terrains, whilst there are patches of soft sand on the Forest Way that may be problematic in the wet. There is (at the time of writing, November 2013) timber operations underway near Forest Way, so beware of timber trucks. They can only enter and exit via Point Lookout road, as there is a 13 tonne weighlimit on one of the bridges to the Armidale-Kempsey Road.


Vehicle used: Toyota 4Runner with All Terrain tyres



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17302 High speed dirt roads :) Toyota Prado Dec 28, 2013