Baal Bone Gap
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This track will take you from Ben Bullen, through sections of the Garden of Stone National Park, Ben Bullen State forest and Wolgan State forest, before emerging on Wolgan Road a few kilometers out from Lidsdale, although the track can most certainly be done in the opposite direction, which would perhaps make it a little easier.

We started this track from Ben Bullen which is roughly midway between Lidsdale and Capertee on the Castlereigh Highway. Entering off the highway onto Hutchinson Rd, it's not far until you turn onto the Moffit Trail, which will take you through a section of the Garden of Stone National Park, into the Ben Bullen State forrest, all the way to Baal Bone gap. The Moffit Trail is a pretty standard track, with only one small section of concern in a small network of mud puddles and deep mud ruts. We almost encountered a problem here by hitting a large puddle that was much deeper than expected. It should be noted, though that there are plently of easy ways around the worst of the puddles.

At Baal Bone Gap, you'l find a small picnic area with a National Parks registry book and information on the area. Unfortunantly, the track that heads down through the gap is gated, and it's a very steep 2km descent if you want to head down into the valley below on foot.

Heading off from Baal Bone Gap, we continued along the Moffit Trail through the Wolgan State Forest. It was only a few kilometers past Baal Bone where we encountered some of the nicest scenery on this trip, in a narrow rocky canyon through which the trail wound. A few muddy puddles and some steep ascents were all that we encountered along this section, nothing that couldn't be handled by most 4WD's, with the exception of one ascent that has about a half meter rock step-up. It took us a few goes to get up this step, but soon enough we were though and up on the plateau. Once we were out of the canyon, we travelled a few kilometers until we discovered a fantastic lookout which had incredible views over the entire Wolgan Valley, and right across to Newnes Plateau.

It's only about a kilometer to the end of the track and we encountered a rather steep and rocky descent down into the valley. No dramas, really, although it was a little slippery over some of the rocks.

About fifty meters from the track's end at Wolgan Road, and we encountered another large mud puddle that had stuck a Range Rover with a camper trailer attached to it. Ten minutes and we had the Rover out with a quick snatch, and we continued on to Wolgan Road, where the track ends opposite the start to the Blackfellows Hand Track which leads up to the Newnes Plateau.

All in all a fun track with a fair few scenic photo opportunities!

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
14189 Fantastic part of the world. Drove this from west to east, starting from the Ben Bullen end. A few cars turned back when they got to the steep bit, but the stock FJ Cruiser walked up it no problems. A really fun drive. Toyota FJ Cruiser Jun 8, 2015
49754 Did this track yesterday, done it a few times and we always enter on the Lidsdale end (reverse from original post). The landcruisers had no issues, but the prado that tagged along didn't get up the first hill, had to winch it up the final leg of the hill. Love the lookout over wolgan valley, usually our lunch stop. Got to the step and no problems getting down, except the newbies were a little freaked by the steep grade and the step. Love this track, it's got a bit of everything. Toyota Landcruiser Feb 9, 2015
54520 done this track the same way from ben bullen to newness following black fellows hand trail through to power line track coming out at clarance. only had to snatch up two utes up steep hill in wolgan state forest section no problem for my landcruiser or the patrols with us after that pretty mild the rest of the way except for some deep and muddy bog holes near wolgan road that can be easily avoided. Toyota Landcruiser Jan 2, 2015
48033 2nd time ive done the track, slightly damp this time around. No issue myself, but i used rear lock. Some people struggled. Wouldnt try wet if not a confident 4x4er. Mitsubishi Challenger Jan 1, 2015
41848 Did this in reverse: from Lidsdale to Ben Bullen. In reverse, the step down was pretty straight forward as long as you have some clearance but the ascent just out of Lidsdale was tricky. Hard to maintain traction so i used rear locker. great views from the top. Toyota Landcruiser Nov 14, 2014
17302 Been through here a couple times. Most tracks are easy/med but with wet weather and poor drainage, some sections can become boggy and difficult. Toyota Prado Nov 20, 2013
17917 Nice easy drive with one steep pinch as mentioned. Some sections are boggy but shouldn't pose a problem unless there has been a lot of rain. LandRover Defender Mar 30, 2013
34982 Toyota Prado Jan 13, 2013