Barrington Tops - Bull Ridge Road to Bungaree Trail
About the Track
Track Description

Bull Ridge Road is off Barrington Tops Forest Road. There are some steep descents down to a couple of creek crossings in the valley (starting point is 1400m above sea level down to 650m). Can be very slippery in the wet. The track cuts across to the west and joins up with Bungaree Trail which heads back up to the main Forest Road, coming out approx. 500m east of the Dingo Gates. The ascent up Bungaree Trail can be very steep and slippery in places.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
47408 Barrington Toyota Hilux Apr 6, 2014
12848 I recently drove this track again and only came across a single creek crossing this time. The track was very dry and rocky with some loose surface rocks but still found plenty of traction for a steady climb to the top. A much easier drive without the slippery uphill mud sections. Very enjoyable scenic trail... Jeep Cherokee Aug 21, 2012
28067 Very nice track. As said above very steep, the track goes from 600m to 1350m above sea level in 2km. This track should not be attempted unless you have some type of self recovery ie winch. Toyota Hilux Aug 16, 2012
17302 Ground clearance isn't a major issue on this track, but it definitely requires an experienced driver to avoid dangerous situations. The most common feature on these two tracks are very steep and narrow sections covered in loose rocks. The lower part of Bungaree Track has many obstacles - fallen trees, avalanche and heavy erosion which forces you to drive cross camber along side of the track (a very steep down hill fall). One of the steepest sections of Bull Ridge Track, around 100m long, is difficult to maintain upward momentum on due to it's extreme grade and being full of loose rocks. To make matters worse, it has several turns during this steep section. Toyota Prado Feb 18, 2012