Bathurst Head Track
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Track Description

This track Takes you from Kalpowar Crossing in Lakefield NP to Bathurst Head. The first half of the track is on a maintained road up to the Bathurst head turn off along side the Normanby River. The track then turns into a well used minor track that continues north along side the Marrett River. As you go further north the track runs around the edge of tidal flats. There are numerous marshy and tidal areas to skirt around. The worst of these have tracks further inland as a bypass. If it is soon after the wet, or heavy rain, these areas would be very wet and muddy. Finally you reach the first beach. There is camping allowed along this beach, with the best area on the northern end of the beach. The track then goes up a steep slope onto a ridge that runs to the northern beaches. The look out is on a headland at the end of the track. The two beaches here would be good camping sites. It can be quite windy here , so camping at the eastern end of the beach, under the headland would be desirable. Camp well up the beach away from the waters edge due to crocs. There is the ruins of an old resort to explore as well. The trip up and back is a long day trip, though spending a night or two would be preferable.Fishing is usually excellent. If its been wet, or soon after the wet, getting through the tidal flats and marshes would be difficult, As well the jump up at the end of the first beach. All in all a good enjoyable trip.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
843 2013/2014/2015 Toyota Landcruiser Apr 9, 2015
3197 Some fantastic scenery & changes in terrain. Beware the salt flats if its damp or early in the season like June and July. Nissan Patrol Dec 1, 2014
38080 We did this trip as a group from Run Wat-Cha Brung 4x4, a great trip with friends. Toyota Landcruiser Jul 19, 2012