Bellthorpe - Branch Creek Rd - Dog Rd
About the Track
Track Description

Very good one day driving in the dry going along Branch Creek Rd.

Entry point from Fletcher Rd (off Stony Creek Rd)

Going through Dog Creek Rd got extremely tricky with the steep muddy descents. Would not recommend if you are alone or after a few days of rain.

Friend got bogged between two steep descents. Took a few attempts to get the line right. Your bash plate will get tested.


Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
43885 Lots of butterflies at the crossing on Dog Road. Nissan Navara Nov 22, 2014
21350 Nice fun track . Most of it is easy as . one descent on dog road was probably the only trick part . Still very muddy out there which added to the fun . Mitsubishi Triton Jul 27, 2013
41761 Good track, was slippery after some rain, some rough terrain but good fun! Toyota Prado Jul 21, 2013
41727 Very Muddy after recent Rain, Fun track Suzuki Sierra Jul 14, 2013
40244 Mitsubishi Challenger May 20, 2013