Ben Lomond
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This Track is for the road to Ben Lomand it starts from the main road.
Parts of this are is in the National Parks of Tasmania hence there is a toll booth Somewhere around the 8 Km Mark there is a fee for visiting the area of Ben Lomand National Park if you have not gotten a parks permit you can get a day pass from the toll booth when we went there was no one so it is on the honourer system During summer you can drive all the way up to where the Ski Village is but in winter you will have to catch the shuttle up to the top.

When this GPS track was done it was Summer & we were able to drive all the way to the top I did it in a RAV4 in 2WD on the way up but it was a little bit slippery (Loose rocks on the road) in places.

You will be on gravel all the way once you leave the main road.

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