Benandarah State Forest
About the Track
Track Description

This track would usually be a moderate track but due to bad storm a lot of trees have come down. We did clear a path through which was still an obsticle course of branches and trees, some which a lower clearance car might not make. This is definately an interesting track but if your going out this way make sure you take a drive up The River Road, Shallow Crossing and Mogood Lookout.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
38830 did little explore when following big bit lookout track. Good to track Mitsubishi Pajero Feb 9, 2014
13563 Jeep Wrangler Nov 7, 2010
11004 Some good tracks around here, from the very very easy dirt roads to some moderate trails, for the simple reason of hidden holes on hills which would be pretty dangerous at night. Mitsubishi Pajero Aug 9, 2010