beyond yarra glen
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This track is 58.5 km and takes 2.5 hours which includes a 30min stop for lunch.

This track is from Yarra glen to whittlesea.

I got this track from a new book called 4wd treks close to melbourne and it is trek 3.

This is a very easy track and high clearance vehicle is not needed mostly dirt and bitumin roads could be done in a barina until you reach bald spur road. 4wd not needed at all on this track in the dry, it just gave the lsd a little work out on bald spur road which has a hill with loose topping but in the wet 4wd pobably needed. This is also the road where i saw some wild life such as porcupine, wombat, rabbits and kangaroos.

This track is very poorly marked from yarra glen as there is lots of signs missing, the map in the book isn't much help but combine the book with my garmin gps and you get through it quite well. Although the gps doesn't show road pics on the track and were to turn next it does tell you what road you are travelling on for the whole track so combine that with your book map and your all good.

Just keep a lookout on o'deas rd when you get to a four way cross road you have to turn right or you will have to do a bit of back tracking as i did.

Kinglake still looking very burnt and not alot of signs, i guess not replaced from the fires.

In all a very easy track for a beginner or sight seeier. Lots of great sights and animals to see.

Done this track in the dry on Friday 4th October at 1:00pm.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
43460 Very easy and not alot of signs need gps to compliment book map. Beyond yarra glen trek 3. 2.5 hours track time. Nissan Navara Oct 4, 2013