Big Desert / Border Track
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Victoria's Deserts Map

Begins at Lake Albacutya , travels via Milmed Rock Track to Firebreak and onto the one-way section of the border track.
Camp Overnight @ Pine Hut soak -
South down Border track - this is where some big sand hills area
Leaves Border track @ Mt Shaugh Track to the Bordertown -Pinaroo rd
Camped overnight @ Pinaroo -
Rejoins Border track near Fruit Fly station @ Pinaroo and travels north to Pheenys Track
This section is not marked on the maps but is clearly the Boarder track
Camped overnight @ Pheenys track campground
Travel via Pheenys Track an Pink Lakes to Underbool
Underbool to Pine Plains Lodge and then finishes @ Patchewollock

Minimum 4 days comfortably - it is 641 km in total

Sand, sand and more sand.

Take extra fuel, the soft fluffy sand sucks fuel

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
11056 Loved it Nissan Patrol Nov 5, 2014