Billy Goat Bluff
About the Track
Track Description

Billy Goats Bluff has not improved with age.  The top section near the start of the track going down has an extremely narrow section of rock face which gives the impression that if you step out of your vehicle at this point you will fall off a sheer drop on either side.  The track itself is steep, small ledges, loose stone, heavily rutted in sections and narrow.   Vehicles passing each other in opposite directions can be a scary situation as there is not a lot of room in parts and good radio comms is vital.  The last pinch up to the heli pad on the downward trip has a rocky ledge leading up to it of short duration.   from the heli pad down it is steep and loose in parts.   Having said that the difficulty rating I have nominated is subjective based on my experience and what I believe a greater percentage of people would think.   One thing is for certain this track deserves respect, is not for novices and poorly prepared vehicles.   A properly working and adjusted handbrake.  ideally is a track for experienced drivers with suitably equipped vehicles.  A diff lock is a distinct advantage together with aggressive tyres and definitely lowered tyre pressures to get more grip on the ascent and descent and to reduce the chance of rock damage   I used my diff lock to keep my vehicle straight on the descents as you get the surging when you go over a rock ledge and the locker keeps better control.   

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
16004 Still rocky loose and challenging. Would be more so coming up Mazda BT-50 May 10, 2015
16004 Still rocky loose and challenging. Would be more so coming up Mazda BT-50 May 10, 2015
46212 very rocky drove up the track not down - very difficult drive Toyota Landcruiser Dec 21, 2014
3014 great track Hummer H3 Apr 26, 2014
47178 Came down this track in the rain, total white out fog, wasn't as bad as we thought, just a slow crawl, slippery in some parts but no dramas really. Would be much more fun going up Toyota Landcruiser Apr 11, 2014
5887 Did it uphill with 5 GU Patrols. All with 2" lift and mud terrains. Driver skill range varied from expert to novice. Very slow going to negotiate rock steps and pick the right line to avoid any diff damage. Weather was mainly dry with a light misty rain coming in. A cheek clenching drive bu t generally ok for a lifted 4WD with appropriate tyres. Nissan Patrol Jul 14, 2013
39767 Toyota Hilux Apr 28, 2013
822 Great Track camped at a bush camp site nearby the night before on the river. Tackled the climb mid morning and had amazing views over the Alpine National Park. Track was in good nick although is a well deserved very difficult rating in adverse conditions would become quite treacherous when it is challenging in good conditions. Highly recommended! with the appropriate vehicle. Toyota Hilux May 22, 2011
10499 it was well worth the drive. i got to see the pinnicles at the top and found out that my car could do more than i thought Mitsubishi Pajero Apr 27, 2011
18157 Ford Maverick Apr 27, 2011