Black Charlie Track
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Gamble rd turn off set trip meter.
 This first 1klm of this track can be tricky for a beginer when wet take the track to the right entering bush over cattle grid.
Ruts: .... re: updates below .... steer clear as some time they can be very deep clay soil and very challanging in the wet. and good tyre selection is a good idea when very wet swamp creeks are full of water but not to deep walk  for depth if not sure how deep you can go.
 Track takes a left over creek bed 1klm from gambles rd turn off - so set the trip meter. 
After 1.1klm  the track is quite easy. black charlie lagoon is to the right 100mtr of track.
 The track come out near Torrumbarry wier caravan park off to right.
Track condition: damp in spots     12/3/2010
Ruts : not deep
Black charlies lagoon:  
pigs visit here and its turning into national park so now the dip sh-ts have to hire proffectional hunters the mind boggles at DRNE parks ppl. Give us licences to hunt. free pig & vermon erradicating program for DNRE parks.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
30949 Near Home Mazda BT-50 Aug 5, 2012