Blue Hills Foresty Track
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Great wet track, Great for a day visit and to follow the track around. Has a start point of a covered area (Check the camp spots for this area) and follow track around for many Km\'s. I still have not followed the full track but planning to do and will update. Pack a lunch and get into it

Track Logs
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46675 Very dry, Talcum powder dust. Started from the southside (Bluewater - Forestry Rd) with intent to try and push to Paluma. 4 Hrs later.... Some very big trees requiring drag chains, some VERY large trees that have been chain sawed make for tight squeezes. First water crossing with guide was easy to negotiate but not much margin for error without damage. Second water crossing much further in was impassable, and the bypass track is full of large boulders. Ground clearance is key. At that point we decided as a group to turn back given how much time was spent clearing the track and negotiating all vehicles through. Noting the going gets steeper and rougher whilst turning to a steep climb for the remainder of track. Average elevation of 600-700m. Very nice at night. All up spent 8 hours there and back. Great drive, would be more difficult in wet due to grip. Track is very overgrown the more you get up, so prepare for lots of pinstripes. There are two gates closer to the bottom. Neither had a lock even fitted, both were open and looked like they had been for an extended time. ENJOY! Holden Colorado Nov 1, 2014