Blue Range Road - Bunyip State Forest
About the Track
Track Description
Approximately 15 klm of road through the Bunyip State Forest.  The road has some deep ruts and mud, especially on some of the corners about half way along.    There are several tracks and trails off to the sides worth exploring.  Watch out for trailbikes.   Great track for beginners with nothing too extreme.
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
41085 Went up for one of first wanders in my Pajero, road was good even in winter, lovely and some snow ... Easy for beginners. Tried a side track, my sons cut up 10+ logs so we could get through slipping down some of the track was not looking forward to having to go back up this track, ended up in a paddock! private property although no signs, farmer not too pleased but allowed us to go through to the road LOL would be good in drier weather even though you have to go back the way you came! good for beginners Mitsubishi Pajero Aug 16, 2013
35467 Extremely easy track, no water or mud. No steep ascents or descents. Mitsubishi Triton Jan 20, 2013
36950 Toyota Hilux Jan 4, 2013
33904 Holden Frontera Sep 22, 2012
14993 Nice track, I went with my rav 4 it was very good ride, the track sign says it's modirate level Toyota RAV4 Jan 30, 2011
11385 Fun track im glad it wasnt too wet because i was traveling on my own but will do it again soon, Nav went strong but wouldnt have gone so good without muddies some mud holes went for at least 20-30meters. Didnt go around the dam but will do it with some back up car thou. Nissan Navara Jun 15, 2010
11291 Track closed just after intersection with Bunyip Ridge Trk, had to chop up a tree at the northern entry for access however great little track, bunyip ridge track a little more difficult. Anything with muddies no dramas Toyota Hilux May 14, 2010
2696 Jeep Wrangler Jan 10, 2009
1537 Only a few muddy spots, good little track around a dam with a mud patch on the other side. Stock zook made it easy Suzuki Vitara Sep 13, 2008
107 Nice easy track Nissan Pathfinder