Boat Harbour
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This is an easy track.

Just a bit of fun.



Easy access from Captain Cook Dr, couldn\'t find another entry point - only one i found was with a locked gate. Since it is a private property, $20 daily fee is charged, or $100 anually 

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
42990 Nice spot for the family. But definitely not worth the $25 entry fee for the privilege of parking on the beach. Mitsubishi Pajero Jan 5, 2014
40148 My family and I had a lot of fun at boat harbour. It was my first time on the sand, it is quite an easy track. Good for first timer. It does give me a bit of confidence. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited May 25, 2013
42277 Price tag at $25 it's burns your wallet if you are purely going there for 4wd on sandy beach. I would suggest make trip as day out at beach for swimming/picnic. It's quite fun to drive as 4wd/awd and has lagoon for young to swim. good place for snorkel as well Nissan Navara Jan 5, 2013
26036 Had a fun day first 5 mins was bogged trying to save a patrol, had a land rover save us both, very easy driving if staying to the paths $25 is steep you would need to make it a day to make it worth it (didn't have 4wd mode working) Toyota 4Runner May 5, 2012
21336 Very easy beach driving. Good for a swim and a beer but nothing to challenge you. Good for a first time sand driver. $25 single or $110 for 6 month pass. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Dec 27, 2011
2098 Toyota Hilux Surf Sep 14, 2011
22035 Nissan Patrol Sep 4, 2011
20293 Bit of fun for a short beach run. Shame they have closed off the dunes. Not worth the $25 unless you spend all day on the beach during summer Toyota Hilux Apr 11, 2011
10764 Definately not worth it if you only want to 4x4 it. But a great spot for the family to set up next to the car for a good day. The sand is very compact and saw falcon ute and a Commodore station wagon parked up near the rocks - $25 entry fee is a little steep though Toyota RAV4 Jan 2, 2011
14189 Good for learning sand driving. Unless you're planning on going for a swim or a run with the dog then it gets boring very quickly Nissan Navara Nov 28, 2010
13127 good to get used to sand driving nothing challenging though and a part of it was fenced off best suited for learners or to go fishing off the beach $25 entry fee Holden Frontera Oct 4, 2010
6870 only good if your going to use the beach to swim, otherwise not worth the effort or cost. Toyota Landcruiser Sep 1, 2010
11304 Not worth the bother. Better of going up to Stockton. Toyota Landcruiser May 2, 2010
10367 I use the beach almost every day, the dune area has lost appeal due to natural sand shift! If your going to use the beach often buy a season pass $100, pay for the first 5 use's and the other 100 use's are free! Nissan Patrol Mar 7, 2010
5728 Very boring, however it is a great place to go for a swim. Im from Cronulla and even I struggle to get a park in the middle of summer, so it's not too bad in that sense, plus there are MUCH less people out on the beach by way of the boat harbour Toyota Prado Sep 3, 2009
5516 Nissan Patrol Aug 31, 2009
5416 Nissan Pathfinder Jul 26, 2009
5416 Nissan Pathfinder Jul 26, 2009
12401 Small busy area. good for a learner on the sand Toyota Landcruiser Sep 29, 2002
1635 Toyota Landcruiser Jan 1, 1998
13219 Used my old Land Rover Series IIa. Good for beginning your 4x4 life, but no challenge after that... better @ Stockton. LandRover Rover Dec 12, 1995