Bridle Track Flinders Ranges
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Track Description

Beautiful views of Spencer Gulf and surrounding areas from the top of the Flinders Ranges. Great place for a day trip and Picnic.


It is a PAR (Public Access Route) that actuallly runs between Melrose and comes out on the Westen side of the Flinders Ranges about half way between Mambray Creek and Pt Germein. It is a fairly easy track in the dry, but being clay based can become very slippery in the wet. Trying to find it from the Western end requires a fair bit of local knowledge. From the eastern side coming in to Melrose from the North you go past one pub on the left. The main road does a 90 deg left in town directly opposite the second pub. The second street on the right up from this bend has one of those brown tourist signs with the white lettering, I can\'t remember the exact lettering but from memory it is something about Wirrarbra and the Pt Germein Gorge. If you go this way it heads out of town and turns in to a reasonable dirt road. About 10km down this road you will arrive at T-Junction, the main road goes left while there is a smaller dirt track goes right, obviously take the right, it goes up the hiill for a couple of kilometers, just before you get to a farmhouse at the end of the road there is a farm gate on the left. I can not rememebr if it is marked as the Bridle track or not, but to start off you will drive up a hill between two fences, don\'t worry it is a PAR. From there it is fairly easy to follow, the views are pretty good, just do the right thing; stay on the track leave gates as you found them etc, so that the farmers don\'t get narky and try and close the track. When you get to the end of it you can either head in a Northerly direction which will eventually bring you out on the road in to Mambray Creek National park, or just keep heading west along the farming tracks until you get back to the highway.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
44012 Easily done in 2wd Toyota Hilux Surf Apr 17, 2015
25634 Did it as a scenic diversion on the way home from the Flinders. A pleasant diversion. Nissan Navara Jun 14, 2013
36269 Subaru Forester Apr 26, 2013
23876 Drove track in the dry during December, Relatively easy when dry, did 80% in 2WD but is quite steep and rocky in a couple of parts. A lot harder short tracks down the gullies if permission can be sought from land owners, low range is a must. Looking forward to going back when it is not so dry, a great detour from bitumen. Accessing from the Western end is no hassle, just take the Murray town turn off from the Princes Highway near Port Germein and follow the signs. Nissan Patrol Dec 6, 2011
23255 This is quite an easy track but with great views and a great way to break up the day especially if heading out to the flinders etc like we did. Toyota Landcruiser Jul 9, 2011
11017 We drove this track at Easter 2009 found it very easy in the dry, traveled both directions great views when traveling from Melrose end towards the west. Mitsubishi Triton Apr 6, 2009