Broken Cart Trail
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This easy 4wdrive dry weather only trip of 270 km starts in the ACT near the Cotter dam west of Canberra and passes through the Brindabella ranges. It follows Brindabella Road then turns right onto Two Sticks Rd traversing areas devastated by the Canberra bush fires. It is an interesting and scenic track twisting below Devils Peak and the Mt Soree fire tower. It then rejoins the Brindabella Rd at Picadilly Circus and follows it for around 35 km where a left turn is made into Barnetts Rd then Bramina and Boundary Rds where the Broken Cart Trail is reached after another 28 km, during which the Kosciuszko National Park is entered.

The trails are seasonally closed during winter. A further 20 km and the Broken Cart Trail joins the appropriately named Long Plain Rd where often brumbies are seen in large numbers. Along Long Plain Rd are detours to Blue Water Holes with its limestone caves and Coolamine Hut, Cooninbul Hut and Long Plain Hut which were in the past used seasonally as cattlemen’s huts.

All are historically important and rewarding visits if time permits and you will find no finer camp site than the Blue Waterholes. Not far away is the Yarrongabilly caves where regular guided and self guided tours of these limestone caves are conducted. After Long Plain Hut the upper reaches of the Murrumbidgee River is crossed on the Port Phillip Fire Trail which heads east and crosses the floor of the usually empty Tantangra Reseviour.

The restored Currango Homested is worth a visit before heading south, passing Tantangara dam wall on the way to the Snowy Mountains Highway and then Providence Portal on Lake Eucumbene where this trip ends.Map Hema South East NSW (Paper and Digital)

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
13822 Very easy drive, didn't need Low range at all. Camped at Blue Waterholes, lovely spot aside from all of the March flies! Explored a few of the caves with the kids, nice and relaxing. Mitsubishi Pajero Dec 22, 2014
19277 Track in good condition and well worth driving. Camped at Blue Water Holes. LandRover Discovery Dec 28, 2012
23813 had to travel this track on sunday 18/11/12 as the way i had planed to go had a big gate across it. it was quite an easy enjoyable drive with a quick stop on long plains to take some pictures of about 20 or so brumbies Mitsubishi Triton Nov 18, 2012
10798 Track currently in good condition. Occasional mud holes. Sections may be closed for logging at times. Toyota Prado Apr 23, 2011
10913 This track is a nice drive and easy going in 4x4 terms. There was only one small mud bog that was a piece of cake the rest of the time the Paj was in 2wd! :) Mitsubishi Pajero Mar 21, 2010
2077 Toyota Landcruiser Oct 18, 2008
1961 Fairly wet and muddy when driven on Monday 6 October Volkswagon 4wd Oct 8, 2008
25515 Toyota Hilux Feb 5, 2008
10452 On a trip around OZ, camped at Blue holes, son and i explored the caves, great spot, thanks for reminding me! Jeep Cherokee