Bulltown Spur Track
About the Track
Track Description

This Track does join Crooked River Track. 

It is a very good hill climb with a cliff on one side all the way up and would be extremly hard in winter.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
45494 Toyota Hilux Aug 5, 2014
45494 Toyota Hilux Jul 13, 2014
10203 Toyota Hilux Nov 10, 2013
17302 Drove this again. Great rough/rocky track. It's very narrow with a big drop on one side, so passing another vehicle would be quite challenging. Toyota Prado Dec 25, 2012
25463 2 inch lift standard tyres. Rocky climb with a loose surface in arts but its got a hard base. Theres not a lot of room to move and pick your line so keeping your diffs or transfer case safe is a bit of a effort. Severy section of the trak are complicated by that odd boulder tha sticks up in an odd spot with makes for some interesting decisions at times. Would be hard in the wet. The crossover of mcmillans track with the climbing S bend on the high side was interesting as the colorado doesn't exactly have a lot of flex, but its ok provided you hit it square on. Diff locks would be very handy in the wet. Holden Colorado Feb 21, 2012
1430 Did this with Grey Ghost and Big Rig over Christmas period 2011 - 2012 Mitsubishi Pajero Jan 2, 2012
17302 Steep and a bit rough but like another said, no traction issues. A great change after doing Crooked River track. Toyota Prado Apr 25, 2011
10203 Toyota Hilux Apr 23, 2011
3685 Very steep but no real traction problems in the dry with descent rubber. Toyota Prado Feb 24, 2011
10800 Toyota Landcruiser Feb 13, 2011
11056 Nissan Patrol Jan 24, 2011