Bungal State Forest - The Whipstick Scrub
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Bungal State Forest - The Whipstick Scrub
Few good tracks here that interlock.
Lots of easy climbs and great runs. Water pools as well as mud holes.
Main run is Main North Rd and Main South Rd throughout the forest, off the main run you have Pine track, Snake track, Camp track and great runs for bikes too.
You can enter the forest from Ballan Egerton Rd Crn Devlins Rd or other end of Devlins Rd (other end of the forest)crn Ballan Egrton Rd, also from Llandeilo Rd off Old Melbourne Rd.

Lots of fun and a great day out for a family.

Take care and look after the forest.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
57078 Ran every track. No real challenge, but fun anyway. Lots of rubbish and Motorcycle damage. HT Tyres. LandRover Discovery Mar 15, 2015