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First 1km of track is easy upto the start of the hill climb. As soon as you hit the steep stuff is where you need lockers, suspension and good tires. Not recomended to drive after any rain. Gets very slipery very fast. Hard enough to get up at the best of times.
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10667 This Track has been for as long as I can remember, and still is MVO. Anyway, since it's on here. This is up there with the hardest, if not the hardest track in the grampians. The majority of the track is easy, some dirt areas are dangerous if its rained (shear drops off side) otherwise is no problem. If going downhill (south) the rock climb is safe to take in anything with stock clearance, 31" AT's, and nothing else... Just be smart, be aware you WILL slip and skid in places, so if you are not experienced, best learn elsewhere (like Launders Track, which is open to public and excellent!!) The hard way, is going up. You need a REAL 4WD, but stock clearance is ok, you may touch on some loose rocks, so shift them if concerned. All Terrains of standard size is acceptable, but let your tyres down, a LOT, I mean, 8psi should be a starting point for AT's, and 14psi for MT's. Without diff locks you may need a few attempts at a few spots, and only 1 ledge you will get stuck on. Winch over this and you'll be fine. Front or rear lockers will get you over it if you drive well (correct line, hand throttle, somewhere around 2500rpm in 1st low, 3000rpm for 31" AT's). This is a GREAT fun track, but if you are running Cooper STT or any AT's it WILL rip chunks out of tyres, it is very hard going, sharp rocks, you will spin with lockers, articulation and low pressures. Good tyres that are good on rocks (basically any MT's other than coopers) are reccomended, otherwise you will get tyre damage. This is a honestly serious track, but you don't need a highly modified vehicle, clearance is not an issue, sto stock suspension is fine. Lockers are not needed, without them, you will need a easy winch over 1 ledge. Standard size tyres are fine, but if not good quality and down, will take damage. Plenty of places to turn if you don;t have a winch, but it is dangerous to back down, and I highly recommend at least a winch. do NOT go alone! Nissan Patrol Jan 14, 2010
3685 This track took a long time to find an access point form the main road. Came across a number of motorbike riders which had just churned the track up. I had been raining previously and clay was extremely sticky. I figured that if it got too tough I could come back down. About 100m before the top of the tough section just before the large rock ledge on the left bank, I decided that this one would better left to another day - plus the STT's were clogged up, I was on my own, my winch wasn't working and the track had already been chopped up pretty bad. I managed to find a small drain leading out over the edge to do a very careful 6-7 point turn on realitively flat ground. Just managed it but pretty scary as I couldn't put my seatbelt because of the angle. Slid back down and vowed to be back with a working winch. Toyota Prado Mar 15, 2009