Butcher Country Track
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Track Description

You will need to be in Low Range from Start to finish along this track.

 The track is only accesible for 6 months of the year due to road closures, both in and out of the area. An excellent challenge with manyu steep ascents/descents, and numerous switchbacks.


Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
1052 Travelled down from butcher link track seems to have been recently graded very easy, butcher link track is fairly chewed up but still very drivable just need to pay attention Toyota Landcruiser Dec 27, 2014
6015 Great track Nissan Patrol Jan 24, 2014
1052 3rd time I have travelled this track was in ok condition but the most challenging yet, hardest part being the first few kms off macalister river, was stuck briefly on a steep section where the grading back fill had washed away making rather large hole. Winched half a meter and off again . moving time on track was 2hrs and 11 mins . With stops and winching 4 hrs . small bog holes at top near mt howitt rd. not much to worry about, recovery pack and winch highly recommended locker would definitely be a benafit but not a must. Toyota Landcruiser Apr 3, 2013
1903 A great track with lots of different obstacles / surfaces to make it interesting. Some steep rocky sections, narrow in sections, bog holes at the top near Howitt road. Great views took around 3 - 4 hrs. Toyota Landcruiser Dec 27, 2011
10203 Toyota Hilux Jun 3, 2011
822 Awesome Track! camped at the junction of Maclister River and Butcher Country track just by the Maclister River great spot. The Butcher Country Track offers a lot of different challenges. Steep climbs and descents, Muddy, rocky and bog holes up on the Howitt Plains all which can be negotitated with the right rig and setup. Mickey Thompson MTZ's came into their own on this track. To the surprise of myself and others also saw a Suzuki Vitara (from S.A) take the track which was no mean feat! Popped out at Howitts Plain and headed back to Licola via Howwit Rd and Tamboritha Rd. Toyota Hilux Apr 25, 2011
29209 Nissan Patrol Apr 21, 2010
29209 Nissan Patrol Apr 21, 2010
1052 awsome track great views has some hairy sections but would be able to be completed by most 4x4 with A/t's or M/t's in the dry, in the wet i wouldnt try it Toyota Landcruiser Dec 30, 2009
12717 Travelled from Howitt rd to Macalister river, great fun, steep and tricky at the final decent and a couple of interesting pinches along the way, but mostly moderate and very scenic. Ford Maverick Sep 18, 2009