Cape Arid - Eyre HWY
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This trek can be started in both directions, either from Cape Arid National Park near Esperance or About 30km East of Balladonia off the Ayre HWY. Its is also possible to extend the trek along the top Escarpment East towards the Eyre Bird Observatory. We drove this trek during winter in 2 days starting from Cape le Grand National Park.

Driving from Esperance you take Fisheries Rd all the way through to Cape Arid National Park where Israelite Bay Track begins. This part of the track would be relatively easy in dry weather, this was not the case on our trip. Its was flooded in most sections, continuously, sometimes over bonnet deep and over distances up to 200 meters.
Israelite Bay is home to wales in the winter, there are ruins of an old telegraph station and its a popular fishing spot in summer. There are numerous bush camp sites close to the ruins.
From here on the trek follows the old telegraph track to the east. Next to the track, remnants of the old telegraph poles can be seen. Some intersections are sign posted. A few of small dunes and sharp rocky sections make up a lot of the fist 20-30kms. After this there are a number of large salt lakes. This is where extreme caution should be taken, some dry parts have a hard crust hiding a bottomless mud pit below. Some lakes will be partially or possibly entirely flooded after rain, making negotiation difficult. We followed existing tyre tracks and walked through water to test depth and substrate. If it has rained be prepared to cross 400 meter long flooded slat lakes. Apparently, on low tide a beach run is possible part of the way to Point Culver, which takes you directly past the majestic Bilbunya Dunes (100 meters high). This was not an option as big swells and sea weed prevailed. The final stretch of the old telegraph track runs along side the bottom of the escarpment passing through scrub and wood land where the track can be very and narrowly over grown. The track junctions with an assent to the Eyre plateau along a rubber matted track.
A few kms up the plateau, there is a T intersection, the left leading North towards the Eyre HWY and the right continues along the old telegraph track to the East. This last part of the trip can also be boggy, has some sharp rocks and over grown sections.


This is a very remote area, you must be entirely self sufficient and well prepared for remote outback travel.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
52681 Jeep Grand Cherokee Dec 18, 2014
11304 Toyota Landcruiser Aug 1, 2013
11056 Very Isolated Nissan Patrol Jan 15, 2012