Captain Billy Landing
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Track Description

Nice quiet drive watch out for oncoming traffic as track is narrow in parts with blind corners

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
843 2013 Toyota Landcruiser Apr 9, 2015
49568 As mentioned, the road is narrow with blind corners. Plenty of people in a hurry. The east coast was unfortunately blowing a gale. Very pretty site though. Good drive. Toyota Prado Jun 16, 2014
38080 We did this track and camped at Captain Billy's over night as part of our family Cape trip. The track is badly corrigated and narrow but still part of the experience of the Cape. Toyota Landcruiser Sep 27, 2013
52330 Great camping spot. go for a walk at low tide and see the bat caves Holden Colorado Jul 18, 2013
13661 been there, done that one, nice drive to a windy beach, but worth the drive, go on just drive it. Toyota Landcruiser Oct 1, 2010
29251 Very nice spot to throw a line in, shelter shed and a cave to look at when tide is out. ACHTUNG Crocodiles! Nissan Patrol