Cemetary Track
About the Track
Track Description

Following on from the end of Justice Track brings you to Cemetary Track. Moderate to difficult track with two exceptionally large boggy holes. One of them particularly steep into the hole and then climb out to face a long deeply rutted hillclimb.

Difficult track for modified vehicles. Best for competition style trucks.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
46910 The majority of the track is moderate except for a section near the end of the track. 2 cruisers with 2" lift and 33" muddies went down the track towards old warburton rd and one of us almost rolled over going down this last section. The track all of a sudden becomes very steep with decent ruts with one section having a large boulder coming into play which cant be avoided, drive as slow as possible in low 1st to reduce the risk of a roll over. From then on the track is still very steep and rutted requiring you to take a chicken track to the left which we thought was still pretty difficult requiring good wheel placement. I would recommend having a mate outside on a hand held radio guiding you down this section of the track. I wouldn't even think of attempting going up this section of track. Toyota Landcruiser Mar 23, 2014
21625 GRADED Checked out this track now a highway Nissan Patrol Dec 27, 2012
10155 modeate in the dry wouldnt attempt in the wet there are signs along the track for a 4x4 recovery service so some might call it very ddifficult Nissan Patrol Feb 4, 2012