Charcoal Track
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Found this very fun track as we planned to head home for the day. Has a very nasty section with 2 very deep bog holes (Which one of guys wanted to go through. Sure enough very stuck and drowned - The all mighty SWB Gen 1 Paj had to get the 80 Series out. LOL). Has a small creek crossing aswell. Very sharp rocks in areas so watch your tyre pressures. Some very steep inclines and decents with a few slippery muddie sections to negotiate.

Very fun track. A good set of Tyres is all you\'ll need.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
52794 been graded, bog holes filled with gravel. could of drove it with the mrs holden cruize. track appears to be used by alot of traffic now Toyota Hilux May 2, 2015
54474 Mazda BT-50 Jan 9, 2015
52794 pretty easy track, could be fun in the wet. Toyota Hilux Oct 16, 2014
50834 Did a version of this track on the weekend. Nice track, but watch for bog holes. Some steep and rocky areas. Jeep Wrangler Jul 29, 2014
18746 8 vehicles on my tail & although it looks nasty to a novice it's quite drivable. Never had any trouble on it but its a little rough & good fun to drive. There are numerous tracks off to the side of it that have challenges ( hills) some very slippery in the wet. Have fun. Toyota Prado Oct 12, 2013
14393 Very dry and only a couple of wet bog holes left but no success in either, easy to go around and track would be a breeze for most Toyota Landcruiser Jan 28, 2013
20062 Did this track on Sunday, was pretty easy with lift and 33's. THere was one very steep rocks section for a while that the missus was a bit worried about but low range was fine (we went down it). Crawling up it would be fine but would be interesting in the wet Toyota 4Runner Mar 18, 2012
18361 Nissan Navara Jun 13, 2011
14393 Pretty much the same as the info but swap the 80 series with a 90 series prado and swap the Paj with an 80 series. P.S. Dont leave maps on the floor of prado's when getting drowned!!!! Toyota Landcruiser Jan 22, 2011