Clarkes Reserve to Old Dogman Track and Return via Walwa
About the Track
Track Description

This is a good track for "first timers" or even seasoned 4X4 drivers.

This trip starts at the Clarke\'s Nature Reserve and passes through Tintaldra approximately 3.5 km away to the East (Hotel , small store, Post Office and Caravan Park). Leaving  Tintaldra continue on bitumen road up into Pine Mountain.

Pine Mountain has gravel roads and can be slippery in the wet. When you reach the parking area at the waterfall you can go for a walk to view the falls.

Leaving the parking area, continue to the Old Dogmans Track which will be on your  left. This is a fairly easy track in the dry but can challenge you in the wet. There are a few steep climbs but nothing that will cause you any problems. Continue to follow the GPS track until you come back onto the bitumen Road and shortly thereafter, the town of Walwa.

Turn right at Walwa and continue back along the Murray Valley Highway until to return to Clarke\'s Nature Reserve.

Trip Tips

1. Good ground clearance is needed for this trip.
2. Softroaders could do it with care.
3. If you stop at Tintaldra, buy your beer here as you will most likely
    end up staying at Clarke\'s Reserve for a few days camping.
4. Clarke\'s Reserve has a good little sandy beach and is excellent for
     swimming of fishing.
5. Mobile phone coverage is not good at Clarke\'s Reserve but gets
     better at Tintaldra
6. There are lots of tracks through Pine Mountain and a few
    camping /picnicking spots.


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