Cobaw - MJOC trip Sep 07
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Track Description
Small but varied area close to Melbourne, with Sand good tracks.
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
30620 Completed most of this trip. Had to stop a few times due to the mass amounts of trees over the tracks and big washouts to avoid. I would now be rating this al least hard now. Its clear there has been no work done in quite a while. But while this makes a track more challenging, it makes it a long day having to chop wood. So glad I brought the big saw. Mitsubishi Pajero Aug 17, 2013
25943 becarefull on this track as one wrong turn and you are going down some really tight rocky hills that are getting washed out.. Nissan Pathfinder Apr 9, 2012
10741 Toyota Landcruiser Oct 24, 2010
11056 Nissan Patrol Oct 17, 2010
11056 Nissan Patrol Oct 17, 2010
6015 Not far from home Nissan Patrol Aug 15, 2009
2701 Hyundai Terracan Dec 10, 2008
2701 Hyundai Terracan Dec 10, 2008
1243 Very rocky and with steep rises, Large ruts and water washouts but a fun track to do . Mitsubishi Triton Jul 27, 2008
648 Last time I was there they had put a blade down Nudist Camp Trk. Nissan Patrol Oct 15, 2007
849 Jeep Cherokee Sep 10, 2007