Cocoa Creek
About the Track
Track Description

Easy track off the Cape Cleavland/AIMS Road, runs out to the "boatramp" towards the mouth of Cocoa Creek.

 I think the main strip is graded from time to time, but will have some minor washouts and shallow puddles. The creeks are usually very low, but might come up a little if its been raining alot recently.

 There are numerous other sub tracks leading to other spots on the creek bank but these guys are usually more difficult and have steeper crossings and mud.

 Also be cautious of the tidese if you leave the main track, some of the roads get cut off at high tide, you probably don\'t want to be stuck on the other side or have to drive through salt water!

 Lastly it\'s a National Park, so don\'t leave anything behind, and get a permit if you want to take the dogs down.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
46675 Been going back here often, there are so many little side tracks. Most double back or just terminate into a swamp / mud bog. Main track is easy access even for 2wd with only minor pot holes and little to no water crossings depending on rain. Side tracks are there for the taking and provide a variety of challenges. BE AWARE it's tidal, so lots of salty mud and the soft ground can appear out of nowhere. Regular use out to boat ramp for fishing, but travel side tracks in pairs as tide could sneak up on a self recovery and end in a loss. Holden Colorado Jun 12, 2014
31299 Nissan Patrol Aug 12, 2012
11304 Toyota Landcruiser Mar 16, 2010
6709 On the way toward AIMS, the cocoa creek track begin at the branch track with a sign. All the way are proper sand/gravel, easy for my unmodified vehicle with HT tyres. Suzuki Grand Vitara Jan 4, 2010