Coffin Bay National Park
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54402 Track was in pretty good condition. Pretty quiet along the track but Black Springs Campsite was fairly busy. Had overheating troubles so didn't get to venture too far past Black Springs, but on the way back had to help a guy in a Navara who was bogged pretty bad with a road camper. Ran 18psi the whole way and had no issues with traction. Mitsubishi Pajero Sep 24, 2014
36778 Ome of my all time favourite places. Suzuki Sierra Jul 20, 2013
24941 The few miles before the 7-mile Beach, and the beach itself were fun, but all the other tracks we found were hard with sharp limestone rocks. The only challenge was trying to avoid sidewall damage. Morgan's Landing provided one of the best campsites I've ever found - unfortunately the bees completely ruined the experience by overrunning our campsite and forcing us to shelter in the tent. The camping area at The Pools campground was the same. As every log, blog and report I've read of the place mentions bees, I can only assume they're a permanent fixture and ruined the whole experience for us. We won't be back. Toyota Landcruiser Nov 17, 2012
21824 Went to Coffins from Boxing day till after new years. There were quite a few native bees hanging around camp sites and toilets. The sand in the campsites I found were polluted with glass shards in the sand and charcoal from fires. This was the second time I had been there and I would recommend going there when the weather is cooler. The Fishing was excellent off the beach. The track to the pool campsite at the end of the park is quite mundane and boring from 7 mile beach onward.7 mile beach is definantely worth visiting though. For good 4wding experience I would recommend visiting Gunyah beach. Spectacular sand dunes and views whilst driving down the track and a pristine beach with good troughs for some fun beach fishing. Nissan Patrol Jan 20, 2012
334 There was about a week of rain before we arrived. When driving on Gunyah beach i had to drop pressures as i was getting bogged, then over to Morgans Landing and had a few deepish water crossings of 2-3 feet, these were due to small lakes overflowing after the heavy rain (lake Jesse/ Damascus) Definately worth the trip and will go back again. Toyota Landcruiser Sep 15, 2010
11248 Everything about Coffin Bay is fantastic! Black Springs track to 7 mile beach is well worth the trip. Make sure you put your sand flag on! Take the track to Gunyah Beach and cruise through the sand dunes to the beach. great surf beach but very deep sand, be sure to let your tyres down before you hit the beach. Mitsubishi Challenger Apr 22, 2010
10435 one day Isuzu Mu Mar 7, 2010
13661 nice place to get bogged.. LOL Toyota Landcruiser Sep 21, 2008
10235 Travelled from entrance of the National Park to Black Springs camping area with my Lancruiser Ute & Heaslip ute back camper on board. With tyre pressures reduced no real problems were encountered. Travelled from Black Springs along 7 mile beach to Sensation & return with the daughter & son inlaw in their 80 series TD Lancruiser wagon with. Great scenic drive just nead to be aware of the tide movements. Toyota Landcruiser Dec 27, 2004
10010 Nissan Pathfinder