Coffs Harbour - Rover Trail
About the Track
Track Description

Enter the Rover Trail via Gaudrons Rd just north of Sapphire Beach. The trail begins with a rocky climb to the top of the ridge and follows the ridge line back towards the Big Banana with sensational views across the coast.

This track has been given a moderate rating due to several steep sections which are rutted and clay based which can become very slippery after rain and can remain moist for days after.

Alternatively, enter at the other end of the trail off Bruxner Park Rd (the more difficult option due to a couple steep, rutted clay based ascents).

High clearance and low range is required, videos posted on youtube by others to give an idea.

Street view Gaudrons Rd entrance:,+Korora,+New+South+Wales&hl=en&ll=-30.230006,153.127849&spn=0.002753,0.004823&sll=-33.873651,151.20689&sspn=0.04233,0.077162&vpsrc=6&hnear=Rover+Trail,+Korora+New+South+Wales+2450&t=h&z=18&layer=c&cbll=-30.229993,153.127737&panoid=J-RMd5VZNEA3rBkmDYCWtw&cbp=12,221.68,,0,0

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
41848 Tried this in my cruiser with 31s, rear locker, no lift and solo. Tried 3 times to get around the stump but gave up after bending side steps pretty badly and scaring my 6yo boy. Would love to come back with another truck and a spotter. Toyota Landcruiser Jan 8, 2015
45979 Just completed the track with our 200 series and a mates GU patrol, both on H/T tires and running 2" lifts. For the most part it was a fairly easy but steep drive.The only trouble we had was about 500m off the Gauldron Road there is a large washed out section around a large tree stump that required track building and the GU to engage a front locker, the 200 series also bent a steel sidestep as it slipped into one of the large exposed roots. The entrence off Gauldron Road now looks a lot like a driveway as the first 10 meters is a steep concrete incline. Toyota Landcruiser Jan 6, 2015
46136 want to list Toyota Hilux Feb 27, 2014
13711 Heavily rutted and very steep with lots of deep ruts, loose rocks and exposed tree roots. Climb is quite difficult without correct lines or assistance. Good vehicle clearance required, good tyres and definately low range if not lockers for the climb. If you would rather come in from the top you can go about 800 meters further up Gaudrons Road and enter onto the dirt at the tight hairpin then follow the dirt up and left right around to the top of the ridge and come down Rovers instead. We got down in a standard lift NL Pajero with 275 16 Bridgestone A/T's at 25psi, only some minor track work and scraping on rear exit was encountered. But best not to go alone unless high clearance and very experienced. Mitsubishi Pajero Oct 21, 2012
11114 Ford Maverick Aug 20, 2012