Condamine Gorge
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Following the Dirty Weekends in South East QLD book for the Condamine Gorge.


We ran the course backwards, confused the crap out of the mrs as she was the navigator, hence the extra run into new south wales near Killarney, and the dog leg whilst on the loop inside NSW.

The first pic is at the dog leg in NSW. A little water fall and billabong. Camping is allowed.

Second photo is one of the 14 crossings of the Condamine river.

Third is Dagg falls

Fourth is Queen Mary Falls

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
50436 Went through east to west today in my X-Trail and with a mate in a Subaru Outback. Easy but fun crossings with no problems at all. Having said that I wouldn't want to do it when the water was higher. Had lunch afterwards at the Killarney pub with about 100 members of the Holden HD & HR owners club. A great day out! Nissan Xtrail Jun 7, 2015
58890 Didn't go all the way through, first time out in 4wd mode and stopped when the water was at about 50cm. Hyundai Tucson Apr 6, 2015
47089 Took this trip on the 25/5/14, Head rd is now open. Road works have finished. So the gorge can be accesed from Boonah by Head rd or further down by White Swamp road, making it a longer trip but not by much. Water level at it's deepest was about 15 - 20cm. Very easy drive in dry weather. Watch out for snakes, There was a very big black snake near one of the crossings on the side of the road. Stu. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited May 26, 2014
37961 Most of the track was closed due to significant rainfall, but great fun just getting there! A couple of creek crossings leaving from Maroon Dam. The kids loved it and nothing too extreme for a newbie. LandRover Discovery Feb 23, 2013
27094 Will drive on this track tomorrow and leave my feedback Ford Ranger Apr 5, 2012
26814 near bigriggen Nissan Patrol Mar 26, 2012
19155 I love this run along the Condamine have returned many times Mitsubishi Pajero Jan 12, 2012
32198 Toyota Landcruiser Aug 26, 2011
15216 track was in good condition great track for beginners Mitsubishi Challenger Feb 6, 2011
289 Toyota Landcruiser Oct 13, 2010
289 Toyota Landcruiser Oct 13, 2010
13200 Heavy rain in area - family loved river crossings - will do it again Holden Rodeo Sep 26, 2010
2102 Good tack, water level low on crossings Hyundai Terracan Aug 16, 2010
7039 Water levels a bit higher than before due to a couple days of rain earlier in the week, but still only up to about the fog lights, so not too bad. To get 'good' water crossings, you'll probably really need to go after a big storm. But overall, a fantastic day out with a bit of fun for those relatively new to 4wd'ing. Jeep Cherokee Jan 3, 2010
4074 Tried it again with our new Jeep levels were quite low compared to our first trip a month previous. Jeep Grand Cherokee Aug 1, 2009
513 Recommended trip for any 4wd and soft-roader. The area is good for picnics and photography. The river crossings are fun and nice to look at the areas around the gorge too. Toyota Prado Jul 11, 2009
4074 Rained the few days before and we were worried it might be too deep. Went with my friends 03 Ford Explorer. While the levels were up neither vehicles had any problems. Mitsubishi Pajero Jun 27, 2009
1365 did it both ways, crossings are blue metal based Toyota Landcruiser Jun 9, 2009
3314 Nissan Navara Jun 9, 2009
450 Mitsubishi Challenger Jun 8, 2009
670 Only completed the Gorge in both directions. Just had a fair amount of rain down there so a couple of the crossing were a little deep. Nissan Patrol Jun 8, 2009
664 Great spot fot the kids Nissan Patrol Dec 30, 2007
10010 Nissan Pathfinder