About the Track
Track Description
Nice easy day drive through the Connondale forrest that takes in some awesome views. Should not be tried in the wet or soon after heavy rain. This drive starts close to Woodford and ends at Kilcoy.
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
19155 great run through this track ... the views are great ... pop the family in the 4WD and head through this area for the day ... Mitsubishi Pajero Mar 26, 2013
495 followed the dirty weekends tour.. first section was easy 4H track then when we took the 2nd part it was way more fun and scary..had a few steep drop off from recent storms.. at some points we barely scraped by. have done it several times before and never was like this Nissan Patrol Jun 28, 2012
28831 Nice easy drive with some nice views. Holden Colorado Jun 17, 2012
9834 Did a tiny bit of this track, went off onto another track a little way in, and it started to rain, and got stuck on some clay, Shouldn't be attempted if there has been rain or likely to rain. Toyota Hilux Feb 6, 2010
4107 more of a scenic day trip than a 4x4 track, but there are some spectacular reviews. Makes for a great day trip... Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Jun 6, 2008
943 Jeep Wrangler May 4, 2008
670 Good Day Trip, Completed with Remus so same track notes Nissan Patrol May 4, 2008
13325 Was a little wet from recent rain. Some parts were a little slippery. But nothing too strenous. Great views out to the east/ocean... Toyota Prado Oct 15, 2007