Conondale National Park area
About the Track
Track Description

Great day trip with plenty of variety. This is a track that goes right through the middle of the whole area. There are plenty of tracks off to the side if you want to explore a bit more.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
49859 Slippery after some rain. But not too bad if you take it easy. Some steep climbs at times. Didn't see a car the whole time. Around 3 hours back to the main road. Definitely need a decent 4wd. Toyota Prado Jun 22, 2014
42240 Easy and scenic drive. Steep but was a breeze for the Wrangler in low range at some points. Muddy in some areas especially after a rainy day. Jeep Wrangler Mar 15, 2014
45923 Great track. Didn't see a single vehicle during the 6 hour trip. Entered from Winya RD near the abattoir an exited near Jimna. Some soft clay at the bott of large hills, but mostly dry track. Normal A/T tyres did well. Mitsubishi Pajero Jan 26, 2014
44601 Toyota Prado Nov 27, 2013