corin powerline track
About the Track
Track Description

cruisey little track some decent side tracks and a little fun area 5 min into it with a bog hole little rock climb and a decent descending track

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
43139 Nissan Patrol Sep 17, 2013
11004 Not a bad little area, more exploring to do Took the Nissan this time around need to take the Paj out to go exploring far and wide ;) Nissan Patrol Feb 17, 2013
31765 few good trails and hillclimbs. good rocky sections and bog holes. great area Toyota 4Runner Aug 20, 2012
26755 good fun easy tracks Nissan Navara Aug 6, 2012
30881 Nice little Track, Good Fun Nissan Navara Aug 6, 2012
20790 Getting a little over grown and came out with plenty of pin stripes. 2 ok climbs and a bog hole that you can drive around. Toyota Prado Apr 14, 2012