About the Track
Track Description

Many side tracks to be explored.. The track I took was 50km in length.

Some sections get very slippery after a little rain. Steep ascents but many tracks to bypass harder sections.

Turn off to track is approximately 15kms from South Bowenfells Service station - Off the Rydal Road


A video of cox river in HD shows the river crossings from mad dingo

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
41848 Out with 4x4 earth trip. Great fun. Right line on the steep fire truck is crucial and took me a few goes to get up. Rest of tracks were pretty straight forward but did not try Mt Walker. Need lockers, lift and big tyres. A few good campsites down by the river too. Apparently quite a few tracks have been graded too but there was enough around to keep the interest up Toyota Landcruiser Aug 2, 2014
36285 Great track, my 95 series managed to take on mt walker. Toyota Prado Mar 15, 2014
46748 Came into Quarry and explored many tracks down to Cox river. First lower crossing of Coxs River looked too muddy and deep. Proceeded up the steep fire trail to the top, turned right at HV power lines. Was given direction advise from English trail bikes and 4WD (Thankyou), then down hill again. We came to the fence line and turned right, down steep hill. Came to Coxs River again. Crossed at the first entry, drove down river for 50-100m, turned left out of river and up hill again. At the top turned left again. Attempted rocky accent of Mt Walker. No success. Returned to river and back up to HV Power lines. Exited through pine forest onto Gt Western HWY at Link Rd. Link Rd is a great way in if coming from Bathurst. Toyota Prado Mar 8, 2014
48052 Toyota Hilux Sep 5, 2013
15698 My first trip with 4x4 club, good fun this one! Toyota Prado Sep 10, 2012
34982 Great network of tracks in this area. Went out in the Pradowitha mate following in his hilux. A lot of really steep hill climbs. Looks like itd be a bit of a challenge after rain. Toyota Prado Nov 18, 2012
26113 Very challenging track. About the limit of a modified Xtrail. A standard one would still be out there stranded I'd say. Nissan Xtrail Jul 8, 2012
23091 great track an d epic river crossings Toyota 4Runner Nov 27, 2011
12401 Lots of challenge on these tracks, best to go with more than 1 vehicle Toyota Landcruiser Jul 2, 2011