Curtis trk
About the Track
Track Description

This track is medium in the dry. If you attempt it after a little amount of rain it will be very hard.  In any sort of decent rain, it will be extreme to impossible,.

We were there after an hour or so of rain and it was very hard, the ground turns to slush giving little to no traction. The area leading down to the Cumberland river crossing on both sides are steep and rutted if you make it down in the wet be careful cause you might not make it up the other side as the descents and accents are very steep and offer no traction in the wet.

To give you any idea on how slipperly it is, i couldn\'t even walk up or down it and landed on my a#s 6 times trying to and gave up after walking only 3 meters from the 4by.

This is a seasonal trk and is locked in the winter.

You have been warned about this track after rain take care and play safe..   

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
28165 very difficult in the wet... Nissan Patrol Apr 25, 2012