Dam Cliffs Tracks
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Came across this track down in the Blue Mountains Last year. Some great rock crawling on some moderately steep hills. There is also a great swimming hole at the bottom with some very deep water and cliffs.
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
44773 LandRover Discovery Dec 21, 2013
29455 Went and checked this out today. purely to suss out the cliff jumps. Great deep cold water! some easy 10+ meter drops to be had into water. I walked track and its full on. was a shorty GQ down there who was first time down, wasn't looking forward to trip back up. some decent rock steps with many battle scars on them. Off camber track. easier IMO to park at top and walk down for the swim! Toyota Landcruiser Oct 13, 2013
38808 Used to rock climb in the area and took the hilux down there a few times, Yeh not really worth the trip unless your going there for a swim or a climb. The tracks really short with only a couple of average rock steps. Toyota Hilux Jul 15, 2012
12401 Was some time ago since I've been here. didnt think much of it then, sounds like it may be worth checking out again when in the area. was then a popular spot locals swimming Toyota Landcruiser Apr 15, 2002