deep creek no1
About the Track
Track Description
This track has some steep inclines and decents, with a very rocky drive along a creek bed, with a sharp steep step to exit the creek. would be extemly difficult in the wet. Suitable for 4wd with low range and some ground clearance
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
49606 Awesome track, I did need to really watch and pick my line carefully having the D40 with its lack of clearance, however got through. Would recommend for a D40 33s on the track just to get you up and over alot of the rocks without any hits. Nissan Navara Mar 4, 2015
42404 Yet again another awesome track! Entry and Exit from the creek was very step and rocky! Easy done with caution. Entry into the creek down the rock step wasnt to bad, someone had built it up with rocks before we got there. Very fun picking your way thru the rocks in the creek bed. Isuzu D Max May 21, 2014
35891 Awesome track ! Only recomened for modifed vehicles. Good step out of creek . Rutted climb up to Binns Rd . Nissan Patrol Dec 5, 2013
23121 Nissan Pathfinder Apr 14, 2013
1430 Done as part of a mine exploration trip. This and Deep Creek No. 4 are still my favorite in the area. Mitsubishi Pajero Mar 22, 2013
1052 current state heading up from creek towards binns rd. is fairly hard work would only recommend 4x4s with good clearance, experience and full recovery pack to attempt. Toyota Landcruiser Dec 30, 2012
27176 Ford Maverick Apr 6, 2012
52772 Nissan Patrol Jan 28, 2012
23107 awesome track bloody loved it for my 2nd time away Ford Maverick Nov 3, 2011
23107 awesome track bloody loved it for my 2nd time away Ford Maverick Nov 3, 2011
10800 Toyota Landcruiser Jan 13, 2011
4735 Nissan Patrol Sep 6, 2010
4530 Mitsubishi Pajero May 22, 2010
1506 Nissan Patrol Nov 14, 2009
670 Nissan Patrol Nov 14, 2009
2722 one of the tracks we drive every Queens birthday long weekend beautiful area Toyota Landcruiser Oct 22, 2009
5179 Nissan Patrol Oct 16, 2009
12717 love this track!! Ford Maverick Jun 7, 2009
4396 Had a ball crawling on the rocks in the creek section Nissan Patrol May 2, 2009
648 Very scenic drive! Nissan Patrol Mar 15, 2008