Dinner Plain Track
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Track Description

A longish track that travels from Birregun rd to the Dinner Plain resort, It starts off very easy and isnt really too difficult as it climbs higher altho it does become quite rocky about 3/4 up, I found it to be an easy track with about 1/2 done in 2wd & the rest done in 4x4H & 1 small section near the top in low range. The map said there is a nice lookout called Precipice Plain, buggered if i could find it though. The Dinner Plain Hotel at the top is a nice spot to drop in for a drink and a quick feed too.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
10203 Done. Toyota Hilux Nov 9, 2013
11304 Followed down to Birregun Rd. took the spure track down to Upper Dargo and camped at Olies Jump Up. Mostly easy besides a few very steep sections. Toyota Landcruiser Dec 26, 2012
32819 good trip Toyota Hilux Dec 28, 2011