Dirt Creek Track off Devils Elbow
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Bit of a funky little track... nothing scary here in the dry but I imagine a bit of rain/erosion would require some careful navigation as there are a few tricky holes on the road that would fill up and hold water. Take Pioneer rd off Buxton Rd, first T section take a right and second T section take another right. You will see the creek road entrance on your left.

On the map you can see 3 places where the road edges onto the creek.. the first one is a nice little spot but the 2nd one definitely deserves a cast with some plastics into the mangrove lined banks. We had 2 unstoppables here with the most likely culprit the mighty Jack. Recommend using a 40 to 50lb leader about a metre + on your 30lb braid and some nice shrimp plastics or prawnstars to get right into the snags.

Havent gone all the way up the track yet which appears to end a fair bit from the Gregory and may require some shanks pony work. We are heading up this way on the weekend to cover the whole track and will pull up and walk to where this creek meets the Gregory and then follow the track to its end to see if we can access that second little creek that shoots off and meets the Gregory. At both of these creek mouths im feeling definitely gonna be fishing honey holes with jacks and barra in the summer. Suspected crocs in the area but not validated 100%.. when I actually see one I will update and will update the rest of the track as we get through it all.

Beautiful little creek and when you hit that second spot which offers an easy cast into the mangroves you will be very expectant of some action. I believe there would be some flatties in there as well on the high tide when the salt pushes up into the system. Good luck and hope to see yas there at some stage.

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