Dog Trap Road
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Track Description

easy in the dry  interesting when wet , good for beginners one small creek crossing

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
47193 Dry easy track at the moment, any car could make it. Would be better in winter. Daihatsu Feroza Mar 29, 2014
46787 Dry track at moment. Nice easy run with some good scenery. Creek crossing very shallow. Nissan Pathfinder Mar 22, 2014
43576 Track was very dry. The creek only had about 150mm of water in it. Plenty of cows that take an interest in your visit. Mitsubishi Challenger Oct 6, 2013
23706 Nice easy drive. Some great farm animals. Creek was very low, few inches max. Nice drive. Mitsubishi Triton May 27, 2013
35603 Easy as stated The rav4 did it well, in the dry Toyota RAV4 Jan 1, 2013
29933 Toyota 4Runner Sep 12, 2012
30427 the misus and i tackled this one.we are new to the heart pumping a bit faster once we were in the middle of the crossing excellent beginners track we had fun...TY Mitsubishi Pajero Jul 31, 2012
29198 Enjoyable drive, creek had about 3ft, but has a solid base so nothing too scary. Mitsubishi Pajero Jul 9, 2012
26651 did this today. the creek was 3-4ft deep and there hasnt really been too much rain. the rest was easy but still enjoyable Toyota Landcruiser Jun 11, 2012
1282 went there yesterday during the all day rain, great little track, creek crossing was about 10 feet long, was unsure of the depth, or what the bottom was like. turned around and headed back to Old Bull Creek road (I was by myself, wednesday and 4 in the afternoon, nearest tree was 40+ meters away, hence why I didn't try it) Toyota Hilux May 2, 2012
25260 Nice little creek crossing, around a 1ft deep after no rain for awhile. Subaru Forester Jan 28, 2012
1752 Nice and easy with good views Mitsubishi Challenger Sep 18, 2011
4937 very easy, creek base is solid, after heavy rain creek was only around 3ft deep Ford Maverick Jul 3, 2011
12619 Great little track. Go South to North. Goes all the way thru to a dirt road. Would interesting in the wet! Creek crossing has round rocks in bottom so easy to cross. Good little track Nissan Patrol Oct 17, 2010