Duck Creek to Beaudesert
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Duck creek road is the only way a 4wd should go up to O'Reilly's. The road is in fair condition and there were fallen rocks on the road. The road is clay base and wet weather is advised to avoid. The steep decent with clay may cause an accident. Please note signs are posted on the road warning about it. Duck Creek road runs through private property and leaving the road isn't recommended as you could find a upset farm/owner.

The track recorded gives an easy path to find the road from Beaudesert. Some video will be available in the near future on

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
58890 Was good drive going up. No recent rain, a few exposed rocks but nothing difficult. Hyundai Tucson May 24, 2015
58618 Easty cruise up the mountain great view. Toyota Landcruiser May 9, 2015
46675 Easy main track, lots of traffic. Some stock expensive jeeps with low profile tyres did it easy. Side tracks are where the fun is at Holden Colorado Apr 12, 2015
26490 Ok everyone else must using a different track... this is not even considered 4wd its 90% Sealed roads and 10% of extreme easy drive through someones farm with about 4 gates. Might take the girlfriends Micra next time to make it a semi challenge. Mitsubishi Triton Jan 18, 2015
38082 Mitsubishi Pajero Dec 29, 2014
54684 Tidy little track. Not hard core. Toyota Landcruiser Oct 12, 2014
45947 Toyota Landcruiser Sep 15, 2014
46490 went up again yesterday with mates (needed a spotter for one of the side tracks). Great fun! Stock Jimny got up there no problem! Only needed 4L for 2 minutes whilst crawling up a rocky side track. awesome fun! Suzuki Sierra Feb 24, 2014
34606 Lovely drive, fair bit of traffic on the public holiday. Had some fun on a few of the side tracks. Road was in good condition - no trouble at all. Nicer than the drive back down the bitumen. Subaru Forester Jan 27, 2014
43885 Nissan Navara Jan 26, 2014
40975 Went from Beaudesert up to O'Reilly's. Hot and dry day, little traffic. Easy in the dry, my mainly standard Outback and a mates Volvo XC70 had no trouble for SUV's (they do want to grow up to be real 4WD's). Could be a dangerous track if very wet & slippery, particularly if coming down from O'Reilly's. We stopped on one corner about half way up at a farmer's gate entrance and looked over the edge to see the remnants of a 4WD tray back that had gone down a very steep incline some 30 metres, only retrieved what they needed to, so caution as always is required (hopefully the vehicle rolled over the edge whilst the farmer opened his gate & left the handbrake off) - Good easy track in the dry. Subaru Outback Jan 5, 2014
42442 Ssangyong Musso
6702 Came down from Lamington NP with the camper trailer. Much more interesting than the black top on the way up from Canungra. Weather was warm and dry. No traffic. Nissan Patrol Dec 23, 2013
42828 Toyota 4Runner Sep 14, 2013
42828 Toyota 4Runner Sep 14, 2013
39855 My 1st 4x4 drive. Very easy up and down, some great views and nice drive up to O'Reilly's for a lunch. Don't forget to bring $3 for the honesty donation box. Watch out for the camels down below and the odd snake. Nissan Pathfinder Apr 28, 2013
40244 Went here only 2 weeks after purchasing our new Challenger XLS 2012. Easy 4wd track for beginners (like myself). Don't need anything fancy. Just take your time and choose a good line. There are some deep ruts if you want the challenge. Mitsubishi Challenger Apr 6, 2013
38918 Was A Very Good Family Day Out Very Flat though but Great Views Mitsubishi Pajero Mar 27, 2013
38275 Easy Drive, nice scenery. One large mud hole about halfway, the only spot where 4WD is really needed. Isuzu Mu Mar 7, 2013
27342 This is a dirt track now that could be completed by a Mobility Scooter. About 1/2 way up though hang a left and there are some short tracks that lead to some look outs. Further up these tracks from the right will cross the main road and go to the right side of the track. These are a mixture of easy to hard and all the hard parts have alternative tracks. There was a bit of mud around as well which was also good fun. But the main track is a flat as a tack Mazda BT-50 Jan 9, 2013
34685 This track is unbelievably different to when I didn't two months ago. It has now been totally graded and I reckon can be done in a 2wd with no problems. Even after a bit of rain it hasn't cut up. Sadly will no doubt mean it will become busy and will not be the same idyllic drive it used to be. LandRover Discovery Jan 6, 2013
35711 Recently been graded, very easy, didn't need to use 4wd. Will go again at a later date, hopefully a bit more fun after some wear and tear. Toyota Landcruiser Dec 29, 2012
495 easy, but fun. been graded recently for summer tourists to oreilys. still a good spot for a few hours, have lunch at the look out etc best spot in the sth east for new drivers to practice on Nissan Patrol Nov 28, 2012
34255 Although a short track, we made a whole day out of 4x4ing and O'Reilly's! Track in great condition. Toyota 4Runner Nov 4, 2012
33204 Toyota FJ Cruiser Sep 10, 2012
32157 Good track as discribed good side track for difficalty great veiws, don't forget your 3 buck (suggested) honesty donation at the gate :) Nissan Pathfinder Sep 1, 2012
28826 Bit rougher than expected, lots of ruts but did it easy in 4H. Probably not suited to soft roaders at the moment. Mitsubishi Pajero Sep 1, 2012
32395 Great track. Completed twice with the wife and had great fun doing it. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sep 1, 2012
31950 Jeep Grand Cherokee Aug 22, 2012
30886 Toyota Landcruiser Jul 29, 2012
30113 Did this track with my young fella, fun easy drive very scenic, mostly dry track with a few simple climbs, bit of 'rally' type driving along the top although blind corners and some large potholes make sure you cant go crazy. Tree top walk when you get to the top is interesting - esp if you have a few issues with wobbly bridges :) Holden Rodeo Jul 22, 2012
29277 I did this track in the dry and found it quite easy (and enjoyed some nice scenery along the way), although some friends from work were not able to complete it one week earlier after some rain. Mitsubishi Pajero Jun 17, 2012
28114 Did this both directions today, was a good day out, not hard at all, never actually felt the need to lock in the hubs. There's a few challenging sections off the side that i wouldn't mind trying if i have a second car as backup. I can see how it would be a nice challenge in the wet too. Suzuki Sierra May 19, 2012
28114 Did this both directions today, was a good day out, not hard at all, never actually felt the need to lock in the hubs. There's a few challenging sections off the side that i wouldn't mind trying if i have a second car as backup. I can see how it would be a nice challenge in the wet too. Suzuki Sierra May 19, 2012
27342 Great Track, it took about 70mins to get up and down the track with traffic. It was washed out a bit in places and soft roaders would certinaly struggle. Great trip, a must do. Mazda BT-50 Apr 9, 2012
27212 Mitsubishi Pajero Apr 8, 2012
10316 Nice challenges on a couple of side tracks. Great drive with great scenery. Nissan Terrano Feb 12, 2012
24632 This track offers great views and I would say,suits beginners when dry. The drive is not so much of a challenge but when I went, there were some large rocks on the track that had only recently dislodged from the cliffs above due to rain. Has some great picnic spots along the way. Toyota Hilux Dec 20, 2011
23463 Easy little run, fair few other 4BY's / trail bikes on the track but it was a Sunday so I can't say I was surprised. Was dry and track was in decent condition, nothing challenging. Great sunday drive. LandRover Discovery Nov 13, 2011
21981 Good learner track. Some semi-rough and steep sections but quite trafficable with care. Great fun drive with some nice views too. Track was open and in decent condition. Enjoy! Toyota Prado Sep 10, 2011
19155 Done the first run up this road in 2003 with a Toyota Surf...this time in NJ Pajero. No matter how many time I go up Duck Creek Road, I love it...the scenery and stopping points for a bite to eat or a cuppa. Is very easy drive, great for someone just kicking off in their 4WD. Just remember, take your rubbish with you, and have a great time. O'Rielys is a great spot, do the tree top walk on the swinging bridge...they have accomodation, gift shop and you can get a feed in the restaurant of cafe, hand feed lorrikiets (small fee for bag of feed). Mitsubishi Pajero Aug 20, 2011
13711 Run up Duck Creek Rd last week, at night, on the way home from Rathdowney... Should have heeded the Road Closed Ahead sign that was posted waaaaaay back on Kerry Road.. It was about 7:30PM by time we hit the gates at the bottom and took us nearly an hour to climb. Very deep ruts, many large dangerous washouts. Most of the dangerous stuff was on the bottom 1/4; once up the top it wasn't too much worse than normal. When we got out of there and up to O'Reillys there was a large Road Closed sign blocking the exit/entrance which we had to move to get out (but then put back)... Just an update for others, I don't know when it will be fixed and re-opened as there was quite a lot of damage from the floods. Mitsubishi Pajero Feb 14, 2011
15187 Good drive down not as much water in the creeks at the bottom as I expected after all the rain. Deep ruts, Washouts in track had to really pick a good line. Still easy have to try up next time also. Ford Territory Jan 31, 2011
5796 Always a nice drive. Would like to camp in the area close by to hike to the Stinsons wreck Toyota Prado May 23, 2009
13325 Toyota Prado Mar 15, 2009
37329 Toyota Landcruiser Jan 13, 2008
19155 Toyota Hilux Surf
38082 Mitsubishi Pajero