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Dunns Track is the track used by prospectors accessing the new Norseman Goldfind in the 1890's. This track aproximates the original trail from Ravensthorpe to Dundas onto Norseman and then back along the Hyden Norseman rd, passing the other iconic Goldfields track, The holland track.
Mainly scenic and easy the track should be tackled in dry weather as the region can become inundated and swallow the unwary 4wdriver. The track is remote until Peak Charles NP is reached so travellers should be self sufficient with communication equipment advisable.
Plenty of bush camping available from Ravensthorpe to the Peak Charles NP.Camping also available at Lake Johnston and the breakaways on the Hyden Norseman Rd.
Lots of sites to see, Peak Charles, Dog Rock, Dundas town site, Norseman and the mining heritage trail, Lake Johnston,Mcdermid rock(similar to Wave rock but longer)Dissapoinment Rock, The Breakaways, Wave Rock and Hippos Yawn.
Trip is a 3-4day if leaving from Perth return.
Fuel is available at Ravensthorpe, Norseman and Hyden

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