About the Track
Track Description

The EVANS creek track is an easy drive from the back of lake William Hovell. At its start its very straightforward and is of little challenge. a nice enough drive as you progressively climb ever so slightly. the track is not often used and this can be seen thats the case by the pressing in bush on both sides. it has a bit of clay base and there are a couple of little climbs and descents. in the wet this track would be very slippery. towards the end of the track which runs into the Buckland spur there is a climb which doesn;t appear much but has snuck up on you. I only give it a moderate rating and easy in the dry. If you want to go from William Hovell to the back of STIRLING this is much easier than the Buckland Spur.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
28045 Did the loop track up Long spur track to get to Lake Cobbler, then back via Mt No.3 and through Evans track to get back home to King Valley Camp. Great day, good for beginners Mitsubishi Challenger Dec 29, 2014