Eversley Sugarloaf Trk
About the Track
Track Description

The Eversley Sugarloaf Trk is good track to test your 4wd on. Access is via the Cowan Trk to the top of the track ( down hill 143o 11\' 6" E & 37o 14\' 13" S DSE web site co-ords) or continue along Cowan to its end then turn right and the intersection onto Branding Yard Trk. The turn off for Eversley Sugarloaf Trk is about 2 - 4 k\'s but it\'s not marked 143o 9\'47" E & 37o 13\' 50" S this is roughly as I lost the GPS co-ords and had to use the DSE web site.

If attempting this track from the bottom up its the last 1/4 of the track where you will require at least a 2" lift, decent tyre\'s 33" cooper st, winch and a diff lock or 2 to climb it. This part contains slippery shale / slate tyrpe of rocks and rock shelfs. But if attempting from the top a a good 2" lift and good low range and decent tyre\'s and not advisable to attempt if wet / raining.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
39493 Very steep and rocky towards the top. Large rock ledges. You'd definitely want something with a lift and larger tyres. If you can't drive it then you'll want to winch it because reversing down would be scary. Nissan Patrol Apr 17, 2013
33970 Did this track from the top to the bottom with the Subaru Four Wheel Drive Club Victoria. 6 Vehicles in crew. 5 Subies and one Landy as a recovery car. The climb to the top was fun. Track down was slippery to say the least. top 1/4 had several rock drops and shale to slide down. All subies had at least 1" lifts and with some careful guidance, we all made it down without hitting the underside. Impossible if it was wet, both up and down. I run King Springs and BFG 215/70's and I was fine, just had to pick lines (thanks Steve!!). Deff a fav track and would deff drive it again. Great test for the Subies. Subaru Forester Apr 3, 2013
30520 Steep decent. Went down before I lifted the Paj. Lots of banging underneath! Gate was open at the top, but not at the bottom. Mitsubishi Pajero Jun 24, 2012
2571 Did this as a descent. Very steep & slippery shale rocks with drop offs. Had 2 hilux's 2" lift and mud tyres and 1 patrol stock with AT's Toyota Hilux Apr 5, 2009