Fall Rd, Access Road
About the Track
Track Description
Starts as bitumen at the tourist rd turn-off, turns to loose gravel at doughtys rd Quite steep and rutted in places, quite easy in the dry, very slippery in the wet. Caution is needed at the sharp (blind) turns, idiots a-plenty through here. There\'s plenty of little walks and views in amongst the trees too.
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
47337 Easy and short track. 4x4 not required. Blind turns though. Well, saw some red parrots. Jeep Grand Cherokee Apr 5, 2014
45863 Definitely not a 4wd track.. just a dirt road.. LandRover Range Rover Sport Jan 26, 2014
38747 yep not much of a track here, lasts about 3-4k's and is very smooth, could do this in any car Toyota Prado Apr 29, 2013
24726 Not a 4x4 track Jeep Cherokee Sep 21, 2012
30397 This isnt really a 4x4 track as such, I never even engaged 4wd. Its a very short short track with a few bumps, easily accessible to almost any car on the road. A corrugated patch and a very mildly steep hill about 100m long is all you will face. Wouldnt go out of your way to do this. Toyota 4Runner Jul 29, 2012
18675 Nissan Patrol May 18, 2011
18816 Toyota Landcruiser May 16, 2011
15014 Fun easy track, nice (but steep) walk at the start to olinda falls, followed track further to arbortoreum and further around to the catchment, great day out, just watch out for hoons Hyundai Santa Fe Feb 15, 2011